After the first announcement, D.AI.SY. today has officially released the website for its nexr Global Event. Told You So 2023!

The website already included all the event information and details, and it’s the referring point during the next months, becoming the main official communication channel about the event. It will enclose updates, news, invitations and location information usefully to the participants from all around the world.

The Event will take place on February 2023, from 21 to 22 in Dubai, at the awesome Coca Cola Arena. All the people are invited to join D.AI.SY. and the revolution of the biggest industries in the world, including financial technology, A.I., blockchain, and of course the peer to peer economy.

Told You So 2023 will be the moment that will launch D.AI.SY into a new future, and the announcements, training, and inspiration participants will receive, will truly be life changing.

As a community there is nothing more important, then coming together, united and ready to achieve dreams. Told You So 2023 is a chance to take life and business to new levels of success and freedom.

This event will be a new and important appontment for start a new project phase, and for continue to imagine a bright future.

Stay updated for the upcoming news and surprises!